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As one of the most frequently used clichés in the workplace, the phrase "dress for success” has been proven to be a truism in the workplace. To succeed at your job, your appearance is very important. Many professionals view appearance as the basis of reputation.

If you would like to be seen as a professional, it is necessary to wear professional attire. It often suggested that you should dress for the position you would desire to have. For instance, if you were currently a file clerk and you desired to be an executive assistant or office manager, you should dress in executive attire (a dress suit – for example).


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For professional women, it is important to dress appropriately for the workplace. Plunging necklines, short skirts, and tight pants, all can be an unnecessary distraction in the office. In addition, wearing flip-flops or slippers, may not win you the "good graces" of your supervisor. For men, it is appropriate to wear the correct attire for your position. Reports of inappropriate dress are not tolerated with TKP and will end in termination.

Wrinkled and soiled clothing does not reflect your desire to be present at your workplace. A three-piece suit with a large ketchup stain is similar to placing "lipstick on a pig;" it just does not work. Paying special attention to detail and neatness can be the key to promotion. Men should be cleanly shaven with appropriate grooming. Women should always make sure that their hairstyles and hair color are neat and appropriate for the work environment.


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